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UK Proposes To Ban Fluorescent, MH, HPS, Halogen, and OLED

The United Kingdom has joined the growing list of governments working to eliminate fluorescent, halogen, and other HID sources. Last week, the UK government published its proposal to raise lighting product efficacy requirements, using a technology-neutral set of minimum energy performance standards (MEPS).

The proposal would impact residential, commercial, and industrial lighting products. Specifically, the proposal would require the following:

  • From late 2023, 120 lm/W (“Tier 1”); and
  • From 1 September 2027, 140 lm/W (“Tier 2”).

The non-LED technologies which would be removed from the market are:

  • LFL T5-HE*
  • LFL T5-HO, 4000 ≤ Φ ≤ 5000 lumens*
  • LFL T5-HO, other lumen output*
  • FL T5 circular*
  • FLT8*
  • FL T8 U-shaped
  • FL T8 of 2-, 4- and 5-foot*
  • Magnetic induction light source, any length or flux
  • CFLni*
  • FL T9 circular
  • HPS single-ended
  • HPS double-ended
  • MH ≤ 405 W single-ended
  • MH > 405 W single-ended
  • MH ceramic double-ended
  • MH quartz double-ended
  • OLED
  • Halogen G9, G4 and GY5.35
  • Halogen R7s ≤ 2700 lumens

*denotes a technology that will already be phased out under separate regulations in the EU and UK based on the restriction on the use of certain hazardous substances.

The UK government is seeking stakeholder input until April 4th, 2023. The proposed regulations would cover England, Scotland, and Wales (EU lighting regulations apply in Northern Ireland). The proposal does provide “allowances and exemptions” for some lighting products. The complete proposal document is available here.

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David Shiller
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