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Product Monday: Minimis’s NICK Luminaire Is Less Than A Square Inch

LED luminaires have been getting smaller for a long time, but Minimis takes it to extremes, claiming the smallest luminaires in the world. A good example is their NICK luminaire, measuring in at less than a square inch. The Florida-based company describes NICK as a micro-minuscule luminaire, and the world’s smallest recessed directional luminaire designed for wall grazing and stair-treads. NICK is rated for indoor and outdoor environments, both dry and IP67.


Constructed of precision, hand-milled grade-5 titanium, NICK is suitable for IP67 installation in any application, including extreme environments such as marine, arctic, and desert conditions. It is suitable for recessed installation into horizontal or vertical surfaces of stone, wood, concrete, or drywall, for sliver-illumination of pathways, walkways, hallways, stairwells, poolside, pond-side, and kitchen & bath. Nick is ideal for hospitality, residential, restaurant, civic, institutional, religious, and parks & recreation applications.

Because of its tiny size – with fixture dimensions of only 0.83″ (21mm) side length and only a startling 500 microns in elevation, with a micro-minuscule aperture of 2mm x 9mm. Depending upon orientation of NICK, you can achieve a 27º or 125º beam angle. NICK is dimmable, and when off, it is nearly imperceptible.

The heart of NICK is a design that features a fully-integrated, water-resistant, high-output, dimmable LED+optics module that has been tested at one meter of full water immersion and temperatures to -17ºC, eliminating the need for gaskets that can crack and fail.

Available with MP light engine (NKMPXX):
Multi-protocol dimming, 94 lumens, 120mA @ 12VDC
2700º, 3000º, 3500º, 5000º Kelvin

Available with LP light engine (NKLPXX):
Non-dimmable, 19 lumens, 80mA @ 12VDC
2700º, 3000º, 3500º, 5000º Kelvin, AMBER (595nm)

IP67 and 5-year warranty. Information on all of Minimis’s micro-minuscule luminaires are avaiable here.





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