In October, 2021, the GSA published updated rules for the construction and renovation of federal buildings (excluding military buildings). The “P100” is a 316-page document outlining construction and renovation guidelines.

Last year’s Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act (IIJA), also known as the bi-partisan infrastructure law, authorized funding to significantly increase both new construction and renovations of federal buildings. Here are some of the new requirements that impact lighting:

  • The use of DLC-approved products to secure all available utility rebates for the GSA
  • The use of domestic construction materials (Buy American Act) for construction contracts performed in the United States (excepting waivers granted or per FAR 25.2)
  • A Gold rating in LEED certification for new construction and major renovations
  • Overall building energy efficiency that’s at least 30% higher than ASHRAE 90.1 E.C.L
  • Mandatory daylighting wherever possible

Lighting controls also figure prominently: “The GSA intends to lead the Govt. in owning and operating Smart Buildings.” An article by CREE Lighting provides additional details on changes involving: controls, exterior lighting, parking structures, and LED retrofits. Read the full article here.