This post was inspired by Laura Van Zeyl’s recent post, in the Women In Lighting Facebook Group. There are a growing number of women rising to high visibility leadership positions in the lighting industry, over the past 12 months. Here are some examples:

  • AIA’s new CEO is Lakisha Woods, effective 1/31/22. More details, here.
  • Colleen Harper was recently named the new Executive Director for IES, effective March 14, 2022. More details here.
  • IALD’s new President, Monica Luz Lobo, became President-Elect on January 1, 2021, and takes the helm in 2022. More details, here.
  • ALA’s Board of Governors Chair-Elect is Laurie Gross. More details, here.
  • Debra Phillips was appointed as President and CEO of NEMA last fall – read about it here.
  • Linda Longo launched the first issue of US Lighting Trends, as the Founding Managing Editor, in November 2021. More details, here.
  • Wanda Lau, is the new Editorial Director at LEDs Magazine & Smart Buildings Technology, you can read the announcement here.
  • Our own Suelynn Shiller took over as Editor of LightNOW, on January 1, 2022. More details, here.

Do you have any others to add to our list? Comment below.