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Product Monday: Starline Track Busway Provides Lighting Power Distribution Alternative

Starline, a brand of Legrand, has introduced its Track Busway, which incorporates the unistrut in its housing structure- meaning there is no need for an extra hanging structure like there is with traditional track lighting systems. In addition to eliminating the need for extra materials, Track Busway offers a maintenance-free design available in 40-60 amps that can be built to fit any grid configuration.

While most other track lighting systems are only compatible with a certain type of light fixture, Starline Track Busway is a universal solution and gives you the option of using whichever lighting fixture you prefer. This also means that years down the road when you may require new lights, you are not forced to go back to the same company you bought them from; you have the flexibility to choose the same or new lighting fixtures.

Light fixtures can be added or moved anywhere along the busway system with a simple twist-in connection to their Monopoint adapter. The Monopoint adapter is compatible with all J type track lighting fixtures.

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