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Product Monday: Low-Voltage Track System by Solais

Solais’s Scatto 48V track system builds on the success of the contemporary LC Lucie trackhead family by offering a low-voltage version adapted for Scatto compatibility.

In alignment, the Scatto Lucie consists of three sizes: Nano, with a 2″ aperture and 3″ body; Small, with a 2.5″ aperture and 4″ body; and Medium, with a 3″ aperture and 5″ body. Customized TIR optics range from 9° to 60° beam spread, with an output range of 600 to 2600 delivered lumens. A variety of color temperatures (from 2200K to 5000K) and color rendering options (90 CRI, 97+ CRI, MonoWhite™) are available, including a dim-to-warm
(2700K to 1800K) option.

The Scatto Linear luminaires add to the versatility, ranging from 4″ to 5′ lengths; and 20° to 100° beam spreads, to include microprism, asymmetric and zero-glare lenses, with an output range of 350 to 1400 delivered lumens. The linears are offered as direct, adjustable and rotating fixture options.

The Scatto track system offers a mechanical luminaire-to-track installation without any use of magnets. The 11 different designs offer a variety of surface mount, recessed and hanging tracks.

Products compatible within the Scatto system can be found here.


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