A collaboration with Curbell Medical Products, Focal Point’s Apollo 8 LED is an 8” x 4’ linear recessed LED luminaire available in three configurations to support common considerations for healthcare design: comfort, function, safety, sustainability, and health and wellness.

Its clean form with soft curves imparts visual appeal, while its durable construction meets clinical requirements. A smooth acrylic diffuser with internal ribs provides even illumination and easy wipe down. The secure lens, silicone gasket, and antimicrobial finish ensure protection from contamination and inhibit microorganism growth. Utilizing an asymmetric focusing optic, the exam function delivers shadow-free, uniform illumination onto patient beds. Meanwhile, the reading light is strategically angled for optimal surface plane illuminance and patient comfort.

Apollo 8 LED provides flexibility with various color temperatures (3000K – 5000K), standard options of 80 and 90 CRI, and efficiencies greater than 100 LPW for all configurations. As part of the Right Light™ program from Focal Point, Apollo 8 LED contains tunable drivers to allow for custom wattage and lumen outputs to be specified within the standard range.

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