soraalaserSoraaLaser, an independent spin-off from Soraa, Inc. co-founded by Nobel Laureate Dr. Shuji Nakamura, is focusing on visible laser light sources, which offer performance advantages such as collimated output and waveguide delivery. The company showcased its technology at the Strategies in Light conference earlier this month.

“Laser diodes are droop-free, and can be combined with phosphors to safely produce highly directional output with superior delivered lumens per watt compared to other light sources,” Dr. Nakamura stated. “Laser diodes are lighting’s future.”

SoraaLaser’s visible laser light sources are based on its proprietary and patented semi-polar GaN laser diodes, combined with advanced phosphor technology. Because the laser light is focused to a small spot on the phosphor and converted to white light, the SoraaLaser light sources enable safe, highly collimated white light output and superior optical control with miniature optics and reflectors, along with high efficiency fiber optic transport and glare-free waveguide delivery. These features are ideal for specialty lighting applications including architectural, hospitality, retail, security, entertainment and automotive.

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