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Streetlight Housings Made With Recycled & Recyclable Polymer

Streetlight Housings Made With Recycled And Recyclable Polymer


An Italian manufacturer named Lorelux, has developed durable street and area lights with housings that are both recycled and recyclable. The housings are made of a polyethylene-based polymer that can be created:

  1. As virgin material from sugar cane,
  2. From recycled industrial waste, or
  3. From recycled bottle caps.

The housings are again recyclable at the end of the luminaire’s lifetime. The housings can be created in standard as well as custom shapes, utilizing rotational molding, a manufacturing technique well suited for the production of hollow objects with constant thicknesses and without any welding seems.

The polyethylene-based polymer housings are:

  • corrosion resistant
  • impact resistant
  • no yellowing
  • no discoloration
  • no whitening from stress cracks
  • they don’t get brittle
  • maintain mechanical resistance, elasticity, and stiffness
  • and are high heat resistant.

Another benefit of the polymer housings is that they don’t block wireless communication signals from the luminaire to a wireless network. Typical metal housing luminaires require an external antenna to transmit from inside the luminaire to the network and back. Lorelux luminaires transmit from inside the luminaire to a smart city network and back without external antennas.

More information is available here.

All Images: Lorelux


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