According to BriteSwitch, LLC, two-thirds of the United States is covered by an active commercial lighting rebate program. Key trends include:

Incentives for tubular LED (TLED) replacement lamps became added to programs last year. This year, the number of TLED programs increased 28%, but the average rebate per lamp dropped 33% (to $7.95 per lamp) in response to declining product costs.

Programs are more likely to run out of funding. Historically, BriteSwitch has seen 11% of programs run out of money over the year; in 2015, it was 24%, with some programs running out of funding in just weeks. As this can be frustrating, it can pay to plan early.

Screw-in LED replacement lamps for HID sockets are now being recognized by utility prescriptive rebate programs. These mogul-base lamps can replace 150-1000W HID lamps in high-bay and exterior applications. The average rebate is about $60 per lamp.

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