We are proud of our roots.

Since 1996, the focus of Lightsearch, as the premier lighting portal, has been to provide lighting professionals and specifiers with the most complete and accurate directory of lighting manufacturers available.


Since 2001, LightNOW has been published at Lightsearch.com and even today, with the launch of the new LightNOW blog in its new home, the blog and complete newsletter archives can be found on Lightsearch.com’s homepage.

Lightsearch.com offers the industry a comprehensive lighting information source accessed through a proprietary on-line searchable directory that is used by lighting professionals. The site’s extensive database contains information on tens of thousands of products from over 5,600 companies that provide lighting fixtures, lamps, ballasts, controls, instruments, parts, software, LEDs and other lighting materials.

Lighting professionals rely on Lightsearch’s accuracy and rapid search results to obtain critical information on products that will be specified in their projects.

Lightsearch is also utilized by distributors who use it to easily access specifications, contact information and obtain price quotes.

Welcome to LightNOW 2.0!

LightNOW, launched at Lightsearch.com in 2001, has been providing news and opinion to the lighting industry for nearly eight years. At first a webpage, then a newsletter, then a newsletter and a rough blog, now LightNOW has evolved to become a fully featured blog and monthly newsletter.


Here’s how it works. Check in daily to see new posts by Craig DiLouie and other experts in the lighting field including consultants and lighting designers.

Posts include news items to keep you up to date, short opinion pieces to make you consider another point of view, and links to new research and tools to help you design with light.

We also invite your feedback, so feel free to comment on any of the stories that appear here at LightNOW.

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LightNOW is owned and operated by Craig DiLouie, a veteran industry journalist, educator and marketing consultant. Besides editing and producing LightNOW as a service to the lighting community, Craig writes about lighting regularly for Electrical Contractor, The Electrical Distributor (TED), Illuminate, Architectural SSL, LM&M, Archi-Tech and other publications. He also develops educational programs with organizations such as IES, NEMA, Lighting Controls Association, Home Lighting Control Alliance, New Buildings Institute, NALMCO and others.

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