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  1. Stan Kelsey says:

    Craig – As a small manufacturer working on our 32nd year of operation, I have two major problems that threaten the existence of my business that I cannot solve myself. One is the greed and inefficiency of UL and the other is the lack of protection from Chinese/overseas products. Every lighting manufacturer is being fleeced by UL because there is no real competition in the NRTL industry. There are really only three players and UL controls the other two because they write the Standards. They need to be reigned in but there is no oversight and nobody to talk to. The various government departments (Dept. of Commerce, OSHA, etc.) simply shuffle you from one to another without accomplishing anything. UL itself has layers of beaurocracy to discourage anybody from making waves. The industry desperately needs a voice with UL. UL is actually a detriment to the American economy because they make it too expensive to bring new products to market. As for China, everybody knows that China has killed untold numbers of manufacturing jobs in our industry. All I want is a level playing field so that I can compete on quality and service, not price. It is time to take care of the American worker. We would not be talking about a trillion dollar job security or stimulus package if American manufacturers were able to compete with China and elsewhere. There wouldn’t be enough warehouse/factory space or American workers to fill them if the playing field were equal. These are the two major problems in our industry and nobody seems to be doing anything about them. They are complex issues that many people do not feel qualified to speak about. All they know is what we have now doesn’t work. Personally, I do not think our economy will be strong again until we find a way to build up the manufacturing sector in this country. We all can’t buy and sell Chinese products to make a living. What happens if we have a political incident with China and they pull the plug on all those goods we import? We would be at their mercy. I do not know if these are issues you want to highlight in your blog, but somebody needs to.

  2. Jeff Engel says:

    At the turn of the 19th century, Underwriters Labs had a purpose. So much has changed since then in the lighting and electrical industries that the original purpose of UL can be challenged in 2010. The changes which have occurred in the practice of product liability law have made the function and necessity of UL obsolete. A UL approval does indicate compliance with safety codes, but it does not shield manufacturers from lawsuits for product liability. My point is simply that manufacturers pay high fees to UL and get very little in exchange, except admission into the status quo of arbitrary listings. The system in Europe is different and better. The imposition of mandatory UL / NRTL listings on European made products is a form of restraint of trade by artificial barrier.

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  4. sslPro says:

    I hope you can provide answers to when the Cqs metric will be the main , or standard measure to define products –
    ” color fidelity” . The lighting industry , esp SSL need to get this
    implemented for the sake of industry credibility.Time to stop using a 40 year old measure.The time is at hand – so do you know – has NIST
    formalized and codified the color quality scale.
    Like wise do you know if the “f” rating is set in place – is this
    going to be a “real thing” . I hope it is and I hope it becomes like
    a consumer reports assessment but then again I’m a zealot about quality SSL .This info has been hard to get from a knowledgable source.Any wisdom or intel on these?

  5. frank says:

    I agree UL is BS does not apply it is only a way to keep the big guys in production and fend off the small manufacturer. As for E’s test on LED”D against Flourescent’s thats B S also i make LED TUBES and poison flours can’t even measure up to the lumen quality foot candles, durability and quantity as mine do. As for affordability we beat them . This is properganda B S on the part of the Gov. to keep the big guys who they just gave money to in business. Oh they also moved to China with our money . I also agree with al of Your comments they are right on the button

  6. Steve says:

    Craig, thanks for the work you’re doing here, as I’m digging into everything I can in the world of lighting and have subscribed here to stay on top of your insights. And look at that — I’m even learning from the comments of your other readers! Thanks again.

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