Hydrel’s Specialty Architectural Flood (SAF) family delivers powerful lumen output and precise distributions in two small luminaires.

Available in 9- and 12-inch diameters, the SAF family was designed to illuminate and accentuate architectural details of a building facade; to accent signage, landscape or hardscape elements of an open space; or to provide area lighting.

The SAF7 provides up to 5,000 delivered lumens and the SAF14 provides up to 9,500, with an efficacy up to 90 LPW.

A twelve beam spreads for static white and eleven for RGBW or RGB is available. To ensure uniform colored illumination for wall wash and wall grazing applications, SAF utilizes an RGBW Quad LED chip. Optimal color mixing under the optic provides true colors with minimal color separation.

Optional knuckle mounting offers the designer installation flexibility to enhance the aesthetic. As the power feed is hidden inside the knuckle, it is ideal for ground-mounted scenarios.

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