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Mark Lien on “The Outsiders”

In a recent issue of LD+A, Mark Lien talks about a potentially alarming disconnect between innovation in lighting occurring inside and outside the lighting industry.

Mark opens his column with a quick snapshot illustrating the problem:

On my nightstand sits a circadian light. Its color changes to warm as the intensity automatically lowers over time to promote my peaceful transition to dreamland. It is unique, attractive, well-made and works just by turning it over on its small charging base. This activates the program with no connectors, buttons or switches. A friend told me about it during dinner at LIGHTFAIR this year. It is not made by a lighting company; it is branded by Casper, the mattress manufacturer. Why did this come from outside of our industry? Is it an isolated situation or another example of how are we losing the quest for lighting innovation?

He goes on to talk about how many lighting products are being developed outside the industry, and how the industry, supposedly evolving toward becoming tech companies, have little to no presence in that industry. This disconnect could be a problem for the lighting industry in the future.

Read it here.


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