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PC LED Lights Can Be Used to Hack Data

PC WORLD recently published an article about the type of visible light communication we don’t want, one that leaks passwords and other data. Here’s how it works. Malware hijacks the blinking lights on a PC, which then transmit data to a drone. The researchers at Ben-Gurion University of the Negev demonstrated how it could be […]

Ted Konnerth on IoT and the World of Change

Guest post by Ted Konnerth, Egret Consulting I was invited to join a panel at the new IoT Emerge conference in Chicago. As a lifelong industry guy who has grown up selling and marketing tangible products, it was an interesting and stimulating environment to be surrounded by tech guys who see the world through software […]

Hacking Reveals Weak IoT Security

From LUX: “Hackers harnessing Internet of Things (IoT) devices, including smart lights, have crashed some of the world’s biggest websites including Spotify, PayPal and Twitter. It is no secret, as revenues from LEDs fade, that the lighting industry is placing a big pile of gambling chips on the success of the Internet of Things, but […]

Lighting and the Internet of Things: Optimism and a Call for Caution

Lighting is being touted as a delivery platform for Industrial Internet of Things strategies. I recently wrote an article for ELECTRICAL CONTRACTOR that describes the potential role for lighting in the IIoT. Check it out here. The article prompted a letter from Mark Schuyler, LC, principal, lighting design, MSLD, LLC. The letter criticized the approach […]

GE’s Jason Brown on Lighting and the Industrial Internet of Things

I recently had the pleasure of interviewing Jason Brown, Manager, Strategic Solutions for Current, powered by GE. The topic: lighting and the Industrial Internet of Things. I’m happy to share his responses with you here. The interview informed an article I wrote for the June issue of ELECTRICAL CONTRACTOR. DiLouie: How do you see lighting […]