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Lighting Aspects of ASHRAE Standard 189.1-2014

In November 2014, ASHRAE published ANSI/ASHRAE/USGBC/IES Standard 189.1, Standard for the Design of High-Performance Green Buildings, Except Low-Rise Residential Buildings. This updates the 2011 version and covers energy efficiency, site sustainability, water use, indoor environmental quality and the building’s impact on the atmosphere, materials and resources.
 The standard allows states and other jurisdictions to regulate […]

Inside Look at Lighting Requirements of ASHRAE Green Building Standard

Last November, ASHRAE published an updated version of its green building standard, ANSI/ASHRAE/USGBC/IES Standard 189.1, Standard for the Design of High-Performance Green Buildings Except Low-Rise Residential Buildings. My lighting column in the June issue of ELECTRICAL CONTRACTOR covers the lighting requirements of the standard. Check it out here.

Greenbuild Registration Now Open

Online attendee registration is now open for Greenbuild, the sustainability conference, which will be held in New Orleans (great city) this year. Click here to register.

Lighting Controls Association Publishes Article Summarizing Lighting Changes in New LEED

My January column for the Lighting Controls Association blog and newsletter lightingCONTROL summarizes the major lighting changes in the new LEED v4. Of particular interest for general lighting is a new “lighting quality” provision (EQc6, Interior Lighting, 1 point), which lists eight options and requires adoption of at least four of them in the design. […]

GSA Recognizes Green Globes as Alternative to LEED for Green Building Certification

The General Services Administration recently recognized The Green Building Initiative’s (GBI) Green Globes alongside LEED as the two recommended third-party certification systems for the federal government to use to gauge performance of its buildings. Green Globes is a web-based program for green building guidance and certification that includes an onsite assessment by a third party. […]

Acuity Brands Manufacturing Facility Achieves Zero Landfill Certification

Acuity Brands’ Carlisle, Penn. manufacturing and distribution center has achieved zero landfill status, as certified by Link International, a California-based full-service waste and recyclable commodities company. This is the second Acuity Brands manufacturing and distribution site to operate as a zero landfill plant. Waste generated by the Carlisle plant is now recycled or composted. Zero […]

LEED Version 4 Approved by USGBC

With 86% of the U.S. Green Building Council (USGBC) voting to approve, LEED v4 will be launched at Greenbuild in November 2013. USGBC will allow projects to register for either LEED 2009 or LEED v4 until June 1, 2015, after which LEED v4 will be required. ENGINEERING NEWS-RECORD has the story here.

DOE Releases Report on LED Environmental Testing

The U.S. Department of Energy recently released a new study addressing the potential environmental impacts from landfill disposal of three light-source technologies used in residential homes: incandescent, CFL and LED. All three lamp types contained some hazardous elements which, while generally below Federal landfill limits, in some instances exceeded the more restrictive California limits. The […]

Philips Named ENERGY STAR Partner of the Year

The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), which administers the ENERGY STAR program, recently named Philips Lighting as Partner of the Year. Philips released 269 ENERGY STAR-qualified products in 2012, an increase of 84% over the prior year. Eighty-eight of these were new LED products, including an LED equivalent for the 75W incandescent bulb. Philips was […]

Fifth Public Comment Period Open for Update to USGBC’s LEED Green Building Program

The U.S. Green Building Council (USGBC) recently announced the opening of the fifth public comment period for the proposed update to its LEED green building program. The comment period, which will close on December 10, enables the building community to view the most recent draft of the rating systems and provide comments where any substantive […]