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The Fairmont Press Publishes Lighting Redesign for Existing Buildings by LightNOW Editor Craig DiLouie

I’m pleased to announce that I have finally completed the long awaited (by my publisher) update to The Lighting Management Handbook, which came out in 1994, with this 300-page book about redesigning existing lighting systems: Lighting Redesign for Existing Buildings. Because light is used to see but cannot be seen, it is often overlooked by […]

Death and Taxes

Below is my column for the Jan/Feb issue of Illuminate, for your consideration. Note that Jan/Feb is my last issue as editor at large. From here on out, I will not be leading the magazine as its editor but instead contributing it to as a staff writer. This was on my request … Death and […]

Illuminate Editorial: “Change Has Arrived”

Big changes are in the works that will impact future lighting designs by eliminating some of the least-efficient and lowest-cost products from the market, while establishing ambitious new goals for energy codes that may severely limit design choices. The Energy Policy Act of 2005 expanded ballast regulations put into effect by the Department of Energy […]

C2C: Sustainable Products for Sustainable Buildings

Here’s an article I wrote for the October 2008 issue of Illuminate that talks about the C2C product certification program: In 2005, McDonough Braungart Design Chemistry (MBDC), founded by architect William McDonough and chemist Michael Braungart, launched the Cradle to Cradle (C2C) product certification program. The program resulted from manufacturer requests for a label that […]

New DOE Commercial Lighting Solutions Web Tool Lights the Way Beyond 90.1

I wrote the below column for the April issue of Illuminate, published by Architectural Products Magazine, about the Commercial Lighting Solutions program produced by DOE to support organizations seeking to generate energy savings beyond ASHRAE 90.1-2004 without sacrificing lighting quality. I was also honored to take part in a charrette in Washington, DC to contribute […]

Room Surface Brightness

Traditionally, lighting design for office applications has focused on making sure that there are sufficient maintained light levels on horizontal surfaces such as desktops. But research suggests that office workers prefer some light on vertical surfaces, confirming the beliefs of many lighting designers. Designing lighting to create brightness on vertical surfaces in the field of […]

Post Digital

Royal Philips Electronics’ “Transitions” 2008 road show throughout Europe, featuring exhibits designed by eight leading European architects and lighting designers and installed in containers, was staged to showcase the exciting new possibilities offered by a new generation of lighting technology. Italy’s contribution, “Post Digital” by Fabio Novembre, consists of a cube of 30,000 LEDs that […]

Lighting Our Near Energy Future

Studies show that commercial buildings produce about half of greenhouse gas emissions contributing to climate change—making these buildings the top emitter of human-caused greenhouse gases, ahead of cars and trucks—while consuming nearly three-fourths of electricity produced at power plants. The Commercial Buildings Initiative (CBI) is a public-private partnership formed to achieve an ambitious goal: By […]

Efficiency Laws Are Retiring Lighting’s Workhorses

Incandescent general-service and reflector lamps, and fluorescent magnetic, mercury vapor and probe-start metal halide ballasts, are being targeted by efficiency legislation. As a result, some of lighting’s most venerable workhorses are being retired. Their new competitors are simply too efficient and better performing. The electronic ballast’s rapid rise to dominance of the fluorescent ballast market, […]