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Getting Ahead of the Curve on Dimming Curves

My contribution to the July issue of ELECTRICAL CONTRACTOR talks about dimming curves and why they’re important. As dimming becomes more important, electrical contractors may benefit by becoming familiar with dimming curves. The dimming curve defines how dimmers set voltage output in response to control signal input, such as a slider position. Intuitively, it would […]

ASHRAE/IES 90.1-2016 Decoded

In my June contribution to ELECTRICAL CONTRACTOR, I describe what’s new and other major lighting requirements in the 2016 version of the ASHRAE/IES 90.1 energy standard. The new standard focuses on energy-saving opportunities with LED technology and controls. Check it out here.

OLED Update

My contribution to the May issue of ELECTRICAL CONTRACTOR provides an update on the development of OLED technology, highlighting two Department of Energy (DOE) reports. Check it out here.

Color Study Challenges CRI

My contribution to the April issue of ELECTRICAL CONTRACTOR presents TM-30, the proposed method for evaluating color rendering and saturation, and describes a recent study that suggests saturation is critical to truly evaluating color quality. Specific gamut shapes may be critical to modeling human color preference. The study found that Rf is a good predictor […]

ELECTRICAL CONTRACTOR Article Covers Tunable-White Lighting

My contributions to the February issue of ELECTRICAL CONTRACTOR included an extended feature on tunable-white LED lighting, covering color basics, product types, color quality, control and applications. Check it out here.

ELECTRICAL CONTRACTOR Magazine Covers Lighting Certifications

My contributions to the February issue of ELECTRICAL CONTRACTOR included an article about lighting certifications, covering the LC, CLD, CLMC, CLCP, CLEP, CALCTP and NALCTP. Check it out here.

The Future of Lighting and the Electrical Contractor

My contributions to the January issue of ELECTRICAL CONTRACTOR included a roundtable interview with noted experts who speculated on the future of lighting as shaped by several trends. Major lighting trends—including LED, intelligent lighting controls, the industrial Internet of Things (IIoT), power over ethernet (PoE), energy codes, and light and health—are creating new opportunities and […]

ELECTRICAL CONTRACTOR Publishes Article on LED Flicker

My contributions to the December issue of ELECTRICAL CONTRACTOR included a prominent feature on flicker in light sources, notably LED. What’s being done about it at the industry level and what specifiers can do about it to ensure good performance. The article begins: Flicker in light sources is an old problem made new again in […]

New Directions in Lighting Technology

Laser diodes, a high-efficiency incandescent, bioLED phosphors, cheaper quantum dots and nanowires. My contribution to August issue of ELECTRICAL CONTRACTOR reviews several intriguing new developments and research directions in lighting technology. Read it here.

Lutron’s Ethan Biery on Flicker

I recently had the pleasure of interviewing Ethan Biery, LED Engineering Leader, Lutron Electronics. The topic: flicker. I’m happy to share his responses with you here. The interview informed an article I wrote for the December 2016 issue of ELECTRICAL CONTRACTOR. DiLouie: In your opinion, how big a problem is LED product flicker in the […]