Happy to announce the third episode in my WW2 submarine thriller series, BATTLE STATIONS, is now available for Kindle. A trade paperback and audiobook will be out shortly as well.

I’ve been published in small press and by big houses like Simon & Schuster. This series marks my first foray into self-publishing, and it’s been very rewarding. CRASH DIVE ranked in the top 10 bestsellers in the Sea Stories and Men’s Adventure fiction categories on Amazon, and BATTLE STATIONS made it to #11 in War and #14 in Thrillers.

The CRASH DIVE series chronicles the adventures of Lt. Charlie Harrison as he fights the Japanese in the Pacific during World War 2. Think Horatio Hornblower on submarines, and you get the idea.

If you enjoy action-packed and gritty military fiction, I hope you’ll check out the series. Learn more here.